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Hayate: I've been thinking lately... Doesn't it feel like Vivio is viewing Fate-chan as less of a "mama" now?
Nanoha: I suppose that's how it is. Fate-chan is trying to change her relationship with Vivio.
Hayate: Because Nanoha-chan is officially the mother?
Nanoha: But Fate-chan's position (as the godmother/second guardian) hasn't really changed much, and I'm sure Vivio still loves Fate-chan.
Hayate: So looking at their current relationship, she's something like a dear older sister?
Nanoha: That's right! She (referring to Vivio) seems very close to Erio and Caro too!

Fate-mama is slowly being changed to Fate-neesan, and with Vivio finding a new teacher/brother/uncle/father figure in Yuuno, where does that put the status quo?