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Tonight was the night that I lost my virginity, /a/.

My sister and I were just sitting around waiting for our parents to come home from some boring meeting or some shit. Me and my sister started talking about how much longer they would take at the meeting, and both of us had the same response which was "I don't know". One thing led to another and my sister, randomly, asked me "What if we had sex?". I looked at her with a somewhat shocked gaze and I asked "Are you serious?".

At first, I didn't know what to say since she is my sister. But she is a tall, slender, D-Cup with a nice ass. If I got past the fact that she's my sister, then I would totally do it with her. And I decided to.

We both ran upstairs into her room since mine was a complete mess. She started to take off her shirt and I started getting hard right then and there. Before we continued, she wanted me to handcuff her hands behind her back for some reason. The reason was that she always loved the feel of being restrained. I agreed and decided to cuff her hand behind her back. While I was behind her, I decided to undo her pants just enough so I could slide my hand into her pants. I started to finger her nice and smoothly as she started to moan softly. I then became more aggressive with her and her moan became more loud and sexual. I ripped her pants off, layed her on the bed and started penetrating her pussy. Her wailing drove the both of us insane with lust as I came the biggest load I ever squirted into her. It was the best thing either of us has ever done in our entire lives.

Now that I have told you about my experience, I feel the need to ask how /a/ lost the game their virginity. I would love to hear how your experience went.