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Lately I have been re-watching episodes of Tom & Jerry on CN, and I noticed something that I neglected as a kid: The animation was fucking amazing. It pretty much outclassed every TV cartoon after it. Similarly, I just re-watched Daicon IV on Youtube, and I just couldn't believe it. It looked so good. I had to try and compare it to GAINAX's more recent work (Episode 27 of TTGL, to be specific). TTGL was like a goddamn Powerpoint slideshow compared to Daicon IV.

So now I have a question. And I'm only asking this because I know it has an easy answer:

Why has animation all over the world been getting worse and worse for decades? You'd think people would be compelled to try harder, but everyone keeps picking the cheaper path, even thought getting the same, or even a better quality of animation is easier now than ever before.