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...It's evening, it's summer. It may be hot during the day but the evenings still can get chilly.
-Don't disturb me now, I have to finish this for tomorrow.
-Stupid brother, it's always work work work. HMPH (she runs away outside, slamming the door behind her) continue working. After 15 minutes you can't take it anymore, grab your jacket and go looking for her. Arriving at the park, you see her on a bench all alone. You take a seat next to her and that when she asks in a slightly grumpy voice:
-What about your work?
-I'll finish it later. I can use a rest now, besides I prefer to spend time with you than working.
She blushes and turn her face towards the ground.
-That reminds me, we didn't have dinner today. Man I'm hungry, wanna go eat something?
..still angry, she responds:
-If you want...
without looking at you. The two of you get up and you notice that she's shaking, well it's pretty cold and she only has her shirt. So you take off your jacket and put it on her and hug her really tight after that.
-Don't make me worry like that anymore. I'm sorry...
You look at her face and notice that she's blushing furiously.
-W-well it couldn't be helped. I m-mean you can't ignore y-your work. So I... um... hm... AM NOT ANGRY ANYMORE. Let's go, I'm hungry.
..she says, looking frustrated but you know she's just not honest with herself. As the two of you start walking she grabs you arm without looking at you.
And that's when you get the best feeling you could ever have.