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I want to talk about one of my favorite anime characters, she's one of the key characters in The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

You know the girl, she's one of the lead female characters in an anime already ripe with female leads (in fact known for its many, great looking girls). You probably remember her as the one with signature orange hair and even more noticeable her very large breasts (which other characters in the show frequently mention, and as a matter of fact one of her female classmates actually fondles her breasts on multiple occasions, she can hardly keep her hands off her!) This girl has it all, quirky, clumsy, cute, and shy due to her strong attraction to the leading male character of the anime (whom she pampers and smiles at in an adorable fashion every chance she gets, even being a little worrisome of him at certain instances). What's more, she loves being able to give her friends a little help whenever she can, even if its just little household favors. With so many colorful qualities its not hard to see why all the guys at her school are completely in love with her (or perhaps just her more, pronounced, aspects) she would look cute all the time probably, but somehow doesn't end up getting to pick what she wears for a good deal of her screen time.(she has a tendency to get dressed in costumes against her will!)