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* Arivama is satisfied with Kira's reaction so much that he pull out the zampakutou and say a release command. "Sever the mountain*, Aguila!" (Eagle)

* A scene cuts to CoolHorn and Yumichika who are fighting verbally and physically. CoolHorn is yelling for Yumichika's zampakutou to break along with his (Yomichika's) heart while Yumichika hit back wishing for Coolhorn's to break along with his nose.

After a while, they both step back a bit and stare at each other. Then they continue to insult each other (mostly about who is more fugly) until Yumichika senses a kick aiming at his chin and dodged.

CoolHorn compliments that his senses are great even in mist of a conversation. Then they agree that the loser (the one that died) will be a fugly one.

* CoolHorn than uses his attack that called 'Beautiful Charlotte Coolhorn's miracle, sweet, ultra, funky, fantasic, dramatic, sadistic, erotic, exotic, athletic Guillotine attack' on Yumichika and he clashes down on the road. He immediately rushes behind Coolhorn's back but Coolhorn manages to block an attack. Yumichika's arm is broken now.

* Coolhorn considers Yumichika as his opponent which Yumichika shots back he's not pleased to hear it from a a freak with weird hair. That's when Coolhorn sees how his hair gets cut. He goes ballastic and keeps screaming he will not forgive Yumichika for this.

* He finally releases his sword, "Shine, Reina de Rosas." (Queen of roses)