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Hey, /a/.

I grew up as a retarded weeaboo who learned most of his anime sources from his older cousin, who just happened to show me ghost in a shell one night, and who eventually got me hooked on this shit.

Anywho, one of my favourite 'childhood' animes was Tenchi Muyo, or whatever they showed on Adult Swim back then.

Long story short, I'm feeling nostalgic, and I can't seem to find any real solid torrents of the series, and besides that I don't know what the fuck to look for, seeing as there are so many goddamn spin-offs.

I remember there were three that were shown on cartoon network, so those are the ones I'm looking for.

Anybody care to give an erstwhile weeaboo a little help?

Picture related, she's the first loli I was ever exposed to.