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I’m tired of hearing how goddamn ronery you are, /a/non. You need to learn to be more like this man of men. The guy’s loneliness is crushing and vast, spanning entire millennia, and yet not once does he shed a tear. Not once does he fold to the emptiness of the megastructure and huddle up in a corner to hug his life-sized Tomo pillow. Not once does he post in a ‘you BAWW you lose’ thread, because he knows that he could only ever emerge as the ultimate winner in such a contest.

Gentlemen, when you gaze upon this face, you look upon the perfect final form of a successful anon. He shoulders his loneliness without complaint, thinking only of his mission, and eventually picks up a hot white-haired chick (you know he tapped that before she went all Hot Topic stickgirl on him). Then he saves the day or some shit, maybe.

Anyway, BLAME! thread.