Anon's Guide to Various Dere Types

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Tsundere: An uptight/prideful girl who is usually bitchy towards the person she likes, but will turn embarrassed and submissive given enough pressure from that person. To make the most out of a tsundere you must teased her constantly. However if you're not the guy she likes, prepare for pain. Examples: Rin from FSN, Kyou from Clannad, any character voiced by Rie Kugimiya. IRL counterpart: Uptight bitches.

Yandere: Girls who are very caring for the guy they like, but when the guy starts showing affection towards other girls, they turn psychotic. If you get involved with one, do not even talk to other girls. Else, she might end up killing you/the other girl/both of you/the entire town. Examples: See pic, Kotonoha from School Days. IRL counterpart: Psycho stalker ex.

Yantsundere: Mix of tsundere and yandere. Girls who will rape the guy they like then kill them, even if they're virgins. Usually strong enough to overpower the guy. If you get involved with one, you're screwed in more ways than one. Examples: Tsugumi from Ever17, Shiki from KnK. IRL counterpart: Psycho bitches.

Kuudere: Girls who seem aloof and cool on the outside, but have a cute/loving side to them. They make the best girlfriends. Examples: Sakaki from Azumanga, Tear from Tales of Abyss, Ahmey from Druaga. IRL counterpart: Doesn't exist.

Reidere: Girls who are quiet and emotionless. They will only turn soft/embarassed after A LOT of pressure. Maybe. Requires a lot of work. However if you like fucking dead fishes, just rape them. Examples: Rei from Eva, Yuki from Haruhi, Tabitha from ZnT. IRL counterpart: Real dolls.