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Sora laughed as Tai and and Kari began another brother-sister argument centering around her and T.K.’s newfound relationship. She sat on her porch’s railing, and couldn’t help but to glance out towards the street.

Dejected, Sora turned back to her Tai, T.K., Kari, Mimi, and Izzy, silently scolding herself to stop getting her hopes up about Matt.

He’s probably forgotten all about this, Sora thought, referring to the small party she had hosted.

In her mind’s eye, Sora imagined Matt turning down her driveway and leaping out of the car with a bouquet of roses in his hand.

Sorry I’m late, he’d say, I had to stop by the flower shop. Here, Sora. And he would hand her the bouquet of roses with a peck on the cheek and…

“Sora! Will you pay attention, please?” Mimi complained. “This is important.”

“No offense, Mimi, but I think your latest shoe sale isn’t the most important thing,” Izzy said, and Sora shot him an annoyed look.

Now, Mimi wouldn’t shut up about her shoes or Izzy’s rudeness for the rest of the night. And Mimi was sleeping over, along with Kari.

Suddenly, a familiar blue Cadillac turned the corner, and then into Sora’s driveway.

“It’s Matt!” T.K. called out, as if Sora didn’t already know.

“Oh, I guess it is,” Sora muttered, biting at her lip, and subconsciously smoothing down her hair.

Mimi and Kari exchanged knowing looks, and then Mimi pointedly raised an eyebrow in Sora’s direction. Sora glared back, daring her best friend to voice her opinion about how she felt about Matt.