Geass spoilers

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Remember when these were posted two or three weeks ago and people were going LOL FAEKE SAGE?
Suzaku doesn't use the Refrain on Karen.
Nunally persuades Suzaku into "protecting her" (something like becoming her knight, just not officially)
Ougi meets up with Viletta, and begins to doubt Zero.
Schneizel was doubting Suzaku, and shows up to arrest Lelouch when he arrives to meet Suzaku.
The contents of Lelouch and Suzaku's conversation are recorded and leaked, and the Knights find out about his Geass.
Lelouch thinks this was all a trap by Suzaku.
Lolo dies from overusing his Geass.
Nina's nuke kills 10000000 Japanese.
CC loses her powers and memory.
Asahina is killed by Nina's nuke, his last words lead to the Knights' betrayal.
Nunally goes missing, Ashford is fine.
The Knights find out that Zero was a Britannian prince and think he was using them as playthings.
Ougi leads the mutiny.
Diethard forsakes Lelouch too

Gareth- Gawein prototype. Has Hadron machine guns instead of cannons. Has Gawein's rabbit ears.

Percival- Knight of Ten's KMF. Hadron machine gun and drill.

Galahad- Knight of One's KMF. Twice the size of a regular KMF, uses a large sword (Excalibur)

Freya- Nina's nukes. A few prototypes are made; Lancelot is equipped with one.

Great Britannia- Wakamoto's new flying ship.

Sutherland Sieg- Orange's new ride. Dendrobium-ish Sutherland + Siegfried thing.