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It was another one of those mornings..

My alarm clock was busy shouting things I can't comprehend with my half-asleep consciousness. As any other person who have been abruptly removed from their comfortable slumber, I reached for the source of the irritating noise and tried to shut it up. Somehow, I managed to restore silence to the room.

"This is heaven.."

I think I heard myself say that inside my mind. My body was still dead with comfort, and there was no sign of energy. I wanted to sleep more in this situation, but the earlier activity started to work it's way.

It's like those times that you can't fall asleep even when you want to. In this case, you can't fall asleep anymore because your mind is already awake.

I stood up very slowly from my bed, almost falling down in the process. Maybe I should have let myself fall down. I could have gotten more sleep that way. But then, I thought that I needed to do something important. I just wasn't able to remember what it is.

As if driven by a machine, I worked myself towards the bathroom in a half-conscious state. This everyday routine was starting to get boring. I was never a fan of repetitive things. Ever since I started living in a dormitory, I was stuck in a cycle that lasted for almost 2 years now. Although I kept believing in myself that there's going to be something different today.. but still nothing changed. I figured it wouldn't be any use complaining to anyone or myself that, and it's only a year left before I move out of this joint.

Hey, I've already been here for 2 years. It's just a little more right?