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It was a cold, dark morning when Amu woke up that Saturday. She was looking forwards to seeing tadase in all his shota beauty. Ran, Miki, and Suu were all still resting in their eggs when Amy decided to take her shower. As the water ran down her flat chest through the crack of her vagina like a waterfull entering a narrow canyon, Amu began to feel sick. She thoght that this feeling was due to her eating fice rice balls the other day (she can usually only handle three), but her guess was incorrect. Blood began to trickle down her leg and to the drain. Her eyes began to water, unknowing as to what had happened. She collapsed on the loor, writhing in pain. About five minutes later, she got up, finished her shower, and got dressed. As she walked to meet her friends that day, her Shugo Chara were singing random songs. Without paying attention, Suu, while dancing with her egg beater, ran into a jogging Nikaidou.