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Daemado and Dokto ( Island) are Corean territory it a fact based on history. Unlike Japanese Right Wing Nationalist. Corean history is based on facts. We do not change history like Japan, We do not brainwash children with ( Right Wing Nationalist) like Japan, We do admit historical problems if it has existed, ( Unlike Right Wing Japanese Nationalist), Corean history fact and figures is based on " Historical facts", Unlike ( Japan Right Wing Nationalist) Japan history is based on " Nationalism" unlike Corean history. Japanese history do not have fact and figures correct. Corean history we do not change " facts and figures" like Japanese history. You have to admit " Japanese Right Wing Nationalist groups" influenced and changed Japan history more then 20 times. Japan history is very inaccurate whereas Corean history probably have correct facts then Japan history. ( Daemado and Dokdo (islet) belonged to Corea).