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I'm totally like Naruto because I have blond hair just like him and I spike it up each day with hair gel. Everyday I practice running like him, you know with your arms behind your back. I can run really fast like that and throw my kitchen knives like kunai, I even tried to walk on water at the communty pool and I was able to do for a second. I even wear the head band too. Also I think I can use chakra and have a demon living inside me like Naruto, because this one time at school me and my friends were being bullied. So I got up and said to leave me and my friends alone, and when they didn't I got and started moving my hands to do the Rasengen and this blue light started forming in my hand. The bullies started to back off and then ran away. I calmed down and let the chakra return to my body , then my friends ran over to me saying it was the coolest thing the ever saw. They said I looked like a true ninja.