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"Turn 17 summary from The Television Weekly.

Lelouch wants to trust Suzaku in saving Nunnally's life, but is arrested by Schenizel's personal guard(s), who tailed Suzaku.
In the mean time, the Black Knights found themselves in deep waters after coming ashore at Kyushu."

Alright, so who wants to place bets? The James Bond route where Lelouch gets locked up in the same cell block as Kallen, saves her whilst breaking out and they hijack her new Super Gurren Lagann MkIII hyper edition X, in fact, was this all a just as planned?

Is that how he survives next episode's nuking of Japan? Who's gonna die in the nuke? Will Lelouch's being missing during the battle like the Black Rebellion trigger the betrayal of the Knights everyone's been expecting?
Who takes these Code Geass topics seriously?