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You know, it'd be nicer if all women had proportions more like 2D girls. You know, waist a third of the size of hips/bust, rather than vice versa, and it would be much better if they felt kind of like a pillow that just came out of the dryer whenever you hugged them. Furthermore, it’d be all around more enjoyable if they would cook my meals without complaint, a feature that would be made even better if they did it happily. While we’re at it, let’s throw in tidying up around the house a bit whenever they had a little free-time, or gardening to make the yard more attractive when the house was all clean. Regardless of all this, you know what would really be the best? I’d want her to be absolutely obsessed with me to the point where she could no longer live without my company, a love where she’d eagerly await my every return to her side and would even stalk me if she deemed it necessary, a girl that would cherish every moment we spend together, stare at pictures of me and her when she got the chance, or at least something like that. Whenever I even dare stare at another girl for a prolonged period of time, she gets really, really jealous to the point of hatred, and when I talk too friendlily with another female, she becomes angry. A girl that would kill to maintain her cherished position. You know, I want a girl like that. She will never look at anyone else, she will make sure that I will never look at anyone else, and you know what? If she’s like this, I would never break this single rule. I would look only at her.