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At one time, my school had a sermon about a law that permitted certain Ungodly things (i.e. homosexual couples). Since they chose February 14 arbritrarily, I had the day off. I drew this (although a lot later) in honor of the day.

Despite me practicing drawing them, I made a certain ammount of errors: Ms. Sakaki's eyes look weird and like a Charmander's, Ms. Sakaki's and Kaori's hands look wrong, Kaori's chest is too flat, and she looks like she is leaning back.

And despite what a lot of people say, I say that Kaori IS NOT a lesbian! She just admires Ms. Sakaki extremely, and I am a homophobe! (That does not mean that I will be violent/hateful towards homosexuals; it means that I do not aprove of their actions, me being a Christian.)

P.S. Good news for Christians: the law was not passed, so God still has an upper hand there! However, the new Puerto Rican civil code provokes the changing of all that. Fortunately, it is still a rough draft, so there is still time to pray that the new Civil Code will be acceptable in God's eyes when it is passed!