To LOVE-Ru Volume 07 - Uncensored (English)

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Well, thanks to our friendly neighbourhood DDoS attackers this ended up getting done two days earlier than expected. But that was nearly a week ago, so I guess that that doesn't really matter. So without further ado, the links -

The next Volume will be delayed by a week because my sister's birthday is coming up, and I'll be going down to visit her for seven days. Which means that the next volume, volume 8, will be staying half done on my computer for a while and won't be out for about ten days, but then we'll be back on track. And hopefully by then scans of volume 10 will be out.

But as for this latest volume, we have the introduction of Oshizu, the ghost, and Rito's mother. More interstingly Saki meets Zastin, Eve goes shopping, and Mikan's teacher comes over to visit and leaves thinking that their dad is a child molester.

Oh, and a question about the ghost for anybody who can read Japanese: is her name Oshizu, or Shizu? M7 translate it as the former, while Mahou-X go with the latter. If anybody can tell me which is correct, it'd be appreciated.