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I thank you ALL so much for the tremendous outpouring and support you've shown for me! You don't understand how delighted this makes me to see that you all still remember and honor me in such a way by relentlessly voting to put me in the number one spot.
However, I do not wish that your efforts go to waste, and therefore suggest that you slow down on your constant voting for me, and vote for Rivalz to bring him up to the second place spot. I have a large enough lead right now that I should have the top spot secure, and if not, I know I can entrust you all to bring me back up to the number one slot.
So I, Clovis la Britannia, do ask of you to not recklessly vote, causing Bandai to disregard this poll. You've put too much into this for all of it to fall through.
Thank you again, to all of you. I love all of you too and hope one day to make my return!