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Choose /a/. Choose Animu & Mango. Choose NEET status. Choose becoming a Hikikomori. Choose a fucking expensive PC, choose flat-panel monitors, anime figurines, torrent programs and external hard drives. Choose shit health, high cholesterol, and Social Anxiety Syndrome. Choose living in your parent’s basement until they stop asking you when you’ll get a girlfriend. Choose a darkened room. Choose to shun your friends. Choose Lucky Star t-shirts and kawaii Haruhi ribbons. Choose the ability to discuss nothing for 100 posts. Choose whining and moaning everytime someone states a flaw with your favourite show. Chooses spending hours at a time repeat viewing a show to be able to argue with an anonymous group of trolls over a Japanese children’s cartoon. Choose rotting away during it all, grinning like an idiot as you fap away to two-dimensional 6-year-olds being raped, before you post about how ronery and insignificant your life is whilst asking “what’s it like to hold a girl in your arms?” Choose Animu & Mango. Choose /a/.