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Chapter 1

A flurry of explosions dotted the landscape of stars. Echoes of light, so blinding they should make one flinch, were now a common occurrence, like blots of paint splattered across a canvas with such frequency that barely any of the white underneath could be seen.

After three Earth years of constant warfare, the Anti-Spirals were on the defensive.

It had long become apparent that the lone Spiral Tribe that rebelled against them now was not of the same caliber as those that had been defeated in the past. Even destroying their home planet had done no good in the end, instead only making them stronger, more desperate, with less inhibitions and less compromising to ideals.

Their leader in particular was the greatest threat. He was different from the others. Not only in level of power, but also in confidence and the sheer force of will that fueled his exploits. Every time they were driven to a corner, this man alone would break them out, with such ease that it would seem it took barely any effort.

Yet worst of all was the fact that he would go to any measure, regardless of the harm done to his surroundings, to keep his small crew alive. Entire star systems became tools of war as he manipulated them like the conductor of a mad orchestra, and other Spiral races fell victim to his raids to accumulate resources. And as more time passed, the damage caused to the universe grew more devastating.