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Coolzaku, fo' sho'.

Pimpin' mah hos, fighting Zeros
Kickin' sum ass
With lancelot
The numba one, greatest 'bot

My glasses is cool
Lelouch is a fool
I'll eas'ly beat him, just one spin
He don't know what's comin' to him

I ain't gay, I just got da bulge
Yeah baby, ya see it, you wanna indulge
I ain't got Geass, no siree
But I'll still kill you in 1, 2, 3

With a 1, Toudou's gone
With a 2, so has Xingke
With a 3, I've taken Nunnally

I ain't overpowered, you just weak
Man, you just really, really meek
You got Knights? I got an army
You can't touch me, let alone harm me

Zero, you went as far as to kill mah Euphie
God damn, I'll stretch you like Monkey D. Luffy (Ya yo ya yooooooo)

Now put that all together, bitch, what you got?
Me, the king, with mah lancelot.
Charles? Pfft, that big ol' man?
His reign is just a big ol' sham

I pull the strings round here, that's right, nigga
With me around, there ain't nobody bigga
I'll kill you, leave your body in a mess
'cos I'm Knight of Seven, Kururugi Suzaku and nothing less