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How much sleep do you get, /a/? Or try to force yourself to sleep?

Me, I try to force myself to sleep 6 hours a day now. I used to sleep three or four or even two and then drive to high school at 7 AM. In retrospect, I'm surprised I never got myself killed driving. Guess it was the religious consumption of coffee and iced tea.

But come to think of it, I really wish I could sleep less, especially at inopportune times like these when I've got barely half a clue with whatever the hell I'm doing. Then again, I slept 12 hours yesterday night. That kind of annoyed me for a while and really, I wish I could consider that two nights worth of sleep and forget about it today or at least sleep a few hours less. The human body's kind of retarded when it comes to sleep though, so I know an all nighter at least won't work.

Like someone else around here or 4chan has said, sleeping's kinda useless since it takes up so much of our lives, at least a fucking third for "normal people."

I don't dream much anyway. And not as if dreams are ever really as long as the entire sleeping period, not for me at least. Really, some of the more important "dreams" are in the conscious state.

Pic unrelated, though Shiki was in a "dream" of her own for two some years. And because I love Shiki with bandaged eyes.