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Listen up. Gino here, and I'm going to spoil the rest of the series for you. Nunally? Yeah, she's not Lelouch's sister. Nunally is basically a doll like Rolo that was situated into Lelouch's situation as a pawn. She really isn't her brother, and she is basically working for the Emperor. Yes, Nunally is kinda evil. She came to love Lelouch, though, but she was basically a spy.

Anya? Yeah, my bitch, she's actually Nunally. Her memories were erased and was turn into the Emperor's little loli assassin. Before Marianne was killed, Anya got replaced by the Nunally we know, and was taken away. She never got to see her mother again, and that is why she has flashbacks and cries when inside the mansion.

Me? Yeah, I'm going with Lelouch and Kallen. After the Vampire gets out, me and Kallen have a heart to heart. She makes me join them, and Anya joins as well in the next couple of episodes.

Oh, and Rivalz is kinda useless.

But the biggest surprise of all?

Orenji isn't a virgin. He had sex when he was eighteen with Marianne.

Let your mind be blown.

...Oh, and for you pairing people:

I get with Kallen.

C.C and Lelouch

Ougi gets with Villeta, but they both die together.

Toudou dies, so his bitch gets SHIT.