The stages of the Bleach audience

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1)The opening has some catchy music and several cool fight scenes appears during it while some likeable side-characters appears like saying "We're going to appear more in this season and do cool shit".

2)Then you get HYPED UP and download "Lol buy" the episodes and so you discover:
-The new season is filler.
-The filler sucks and includes lots of generic boring characters while the story revolves about the protagonist and skips the likeable side-characters.
-The animation QUALITY become just even more SHIT than the last season.
-There is no such thing as the cool fight scenes shown in the opening, only 30 MINUTES TALK face closeups and hours of powerlevel faggotry.

3)You blame Bleach and its shitty QUALITY and swear you'll never be fooled again. Then you masturbate furiously like the Fist of the North Star to many Bleach doujins and porn.

4)Until you find out there is a new season and hear alot of people talking about how the new one doesn't suck so get your first deny it but you end up getting your hopes up and then watching the new eps.
(Repeat many time)

5)Then after being fooled many times you finally quit watching the show and complain how Bleach sucks and why Rukia/Tatsuki doesn't have her own show..