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So /a/, I have a little story after today's events. You see, I have a summer class because I don't feel like paying for a 5th year of college. After this class was finished, I was walking back to my car when I come across a poor, wretched creature in the lobby. His rotund figure was walking away from a vending machine, triumphantly devouring a twinkie after getting the willpower to actually walk that far. The first thing I noticed was his Naruto Headband, proudly displayed as a dew rag to ward off any potential enemies. The death metal shirt, with graphics of all sorts of fire, skeletons, and death, followed by his over sized black pants flaunting chains and other hard-core regalia made me cringe. It made me ashamed to watch anime, or to even associate with people who watch it.

So, /a/, what it all comes down to is why the FUCK would you want to walk around looking like a retard, let alone a Narutard.