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howdy /a/.

So I've somehow gotten asked to be a guest curator at a three day anime festival showing at a movie theater near me.

As the person in charge said to me "i think a short and a feature on friday and 3 programs on saturday (short and feature or all shorts or any combination) and some kind of marathon on sunday might be great, but we're open to all of your structural ideas."

So anyways...

here's my list so far.

Grave of the Fireflies

FLCL (entirety)

Evangelion-death rebirth

Perfect blue

Blood- The Last Vampire


Ghost in the Shell

Nausica of the valley of the wind

Miyazaki's tanuki movie


Dead Leaves


So is there anything you guys would think is something else i should add to the list?

Anything I should take away?

This thing is designed for ages 18-36, so pretty much anything goes.