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Hey /a/ is it unhealthy that I'm not attracted to anyone at all anymore? I've never had an actual girlfriend before (unless you count some girl you had make-out sessions with for 1 week before you never saw her again an relationship), but at the same time it's like I never could be just because of the fact that I'm not attracted to anyone.

It's not that I have a low sex drive, I fap 3 times a fucking day to henta. It's just strange that even girls I know I would have been attracted to years ago don't even phase me as more than friends. I could never get off to /s/ or /hc/, even if there are 8's and up being posted. If I ever randomly browse it just for videos I hardly get anything before I switch over to /h/ and get buckets of cum within minutes.

So, is there something wrong with me?

Pic related, but mostly to catch attention to a tl;dr