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Why are people ignoring the philosophical parts of Code Geass?
Btw, this is mega spoilers for Turn 15.

But basically the Geass involves this being that lives within the immortal characters (V.V. and C.C.) and it is part of their memories. That's why C.C. says that life and death aren't living and dying when it's just an accumulation of experience. Basically, the reason why they are immortal is because there has been this consciousness living alongside humanity (probably related to human existence itself) that has been accumulating experiences and memories by living as a part of the people its attached to. Hence why C.C. lost her memories when she passed on her immortality in this episode.

C.C. has been immortal this whole time because this being, what I beleive the Emperor and V.V. are referring to when they talk about their Gods, has been transferred to her from the nun we saw, and it's been doing this ever since Geass has been introduced to humanity (which could be however long).

Damn you all for not appreciating Code Geass for what it's really about.