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Greetings /a/...today we are going to play a game, it's a simple game, but a good game none the less. It works like this: you will each make an initial post, and depending on the last number in your post you will have to do one of the following.

1) End every sentence with the word "Desu"
2) Speak like Yoda for the rest of the day [!]
3) Post with the name "I'm A Faggot" for a day
4) Post nothing but promotions for a day*
5) Every post you make must have the image of The Pharaoh (Yami Yugi)**
6) End every post with "In America"
7) Post with the name Coyote Smith#)7oGZbN/
8) Post nothing but 8 hit combos***
9) Spend an entire day on /y/
0) Go to /r/ and request gay furry porn, then save it...all of it.

[!] Here's the link, don't fail it. http://www.yodaspeak.co.uk/index.php

* In the otherwise impossible chance that you are some sort of sick fuck and have no promotions on hand, head on down to /h/ and /r/ and get as many as you can, remember you'll be spending the whole day replying with nothing but them.

** If your post number ends in 5 with the Pharaoh's image while posting you can try another number.

*** If you do not succeed in posting a 8 hit combo, you cannot post until you do. 8 hit combos must utilize images and follow in the correct sequence. What's that? Anon will never let you finish it? To many c-c-c-combo breakers? Well look on the bright side when you do you'll be an internet god....and you can try another number.

How is this /a/ related you ask? Well just look at my OP it's /a/ related.

There are no exceptions, once you have received your number you can either follow through or be a faggot, A or B, yes or no, win or fail. Do not play if you are a newfag. GO!