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Koshimitsu translated this spoiler from our request:
CG Spoiler

☆ Cornelia is captured at the Geass Cult by lelouch, but escapes to Schneizel.

☆ Before Ougi betrays the Order, Diethard takes Viletta hostage and threatens Ougi to continue his job as a vice commandor. This is because Ougi is able to hold all these members of different characteristics together.

☆ Schneizel, who had been collecting info on the Geass, plots against Charles.

☆ The OotBK requests the emperor to liberate Japan in return for turning over Lelouc.

☆ Ougi betrays Lelouch twice. First time it's right after meeting Viletta, but Diethard stops him. The second time is after Schenizel exposing Lelouch's identity, and even Diethard is in doubt, so there's no one to stop him.

☆ Lelouch feels responsible for C.C.'s losing memories. He wears a ring on the ring finger of C.C.'s left hand, and say, "please stay with me". C.C. calls him master (or husband? not sure) and does not leave him.