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<~raspberry> fapfapfapfap
<@Xabin> calm thyself, koda-tan
<~raspberry> ... but... :|
<@Xabin> ^^;
<~raspberry> the composition of that frame is... D:
<~raspberry> bangs = perfect
<~raspberry> eyes shut = ksdfl;ksdklf;
<~raspberry> even semi-grin
<~raspberry> ds;flk234kl;
<@TMBounty_Hunter> koda grew a penis to fap?
<~raspberry> i would like to :|
<@TMBounty_Hunter> penis > vagoo?
<@Xabin> who knows
<~raspberry> it sounds like guys have it easier to masturbate
<~raspberry> penis seems more easily accesible than vagina
<@TMBounty_Hunter> but its one time use in a certain period of time
<@TMBounty_Hunter> plus there's the fapper's remorse
<~raspberry> ...
<@TMBounty_Hunter> its true!
<@TMBounty_Hunter> dongs are not as easy as you think
<@Dark`> [11:22] <@TMBounty_Hunter> plus there's the fapper's remorse <- okay, i lol'd 10/10 timbo
<@TMBounty_Hunter> well, its not my term
<@TMBounty_Hunter> i picked it up in a thread in /b/ a year or so back
<@TMBounty_Hunter> i know the feeling, i just didnt have a term for it
<@Suzuran> but as a girl you can constantly have something shown in your vagina
<@Suzuran> >:|
<@Suzuran> v
<@Dark`> shown?
<@Dark`> like... a movie?
<@Suzuran> VVVVVVvvvvvvvvv
<@Suzuran> vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv
<@Suzuran> shoven :3
<@Dark`> ah. ok.
<@Suzuran> well at least buttplug is my salvation
<@Suzuran> o.ob
<@Dark`> ...
<@Suzuran> dunno if you ever tried it
<@Dark`> lol suzu
<@Suzuran> but its a goddamn awesome feeling to have something in your ass
<@Dark`> and no, i have not
<@Suzuran> http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/0/05/CD_spindle.jpg
<@Suzuran> i use this to get anal orgasm
<@Suzuran> its win win
<@Suzuran> but only got it right 1 time :(

and that is how geass gets same-day subs