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I wrote a Lynette/Yoshika lesbian adventure, it was about 3000 words long. I decided to revise it and check its grammar and spelling, not that it'll do much i'm not a good writer, i only have a lot of imagination. Everything was going fine, but then suddenly it slows down. I tried to save it but instead of saving it only corrupted the file as microsoft word crashes in mid save. There is no way to recover the data, i've tried everything

My story included all sorts of subtle references to famous Canadian and Japanese battles of WWII and WWI, but they weren't so obvious as to detract from the story, they were just there to add to the military theme.
For example. "Her nipples stood at attention" or "the pleasure built up in her mind until it exploded like a 10000lb bomb" or "Keeping the momentum going Lynette continued her assualt on yoshika and moved her fingers towards the younger girl's most vulnerable regions."

But it was all for nothing. At the very least i was hoping it would inspire others to make their own content, but my effort was wasted.

I'm sad now

and while i was writing this post firefox froze and i actually had to rewrite this post. Fuck.

Actually as i was posting this for a second time it froze again, so third times a charm...