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I'll never forget the last episode of Lucky Star. I had been waiting for so long for them to do the dance.
I was patiently sitting, waiting, knowing it was coming. It was all I had left. Now, finally I have experienced it.
I no longer have any need for anything in life. My life is complete. I have reached a level of enlightenment beyond nirvana
or any so called inner peace. After waiting for over twenty four weeks I have finally been able to experience the greatest
moment in the history of anime, no mankind, the enhanced Lucky Star dance. I was sweating the whole episode, I knew it was
coming, I could feel it. It was calling to me; I could feel its force telling me it was coming. It wanted me and I wanted
it. From the second I saw them talking about a cheer-leading routine I knew it was coming. Everything I had been hoping
for, this whole anime season, no my whole life was leading up to this very point. The second it began I showed no emotion,
my eyes were glued I was perplexed and amazed. The meaning of life and the entire history of man and the universe and
everything before and after flashed before my eyes. It was the most amazing experience of my life. After it ended I
looked to the floor and noticed I was now in midair, hovering five feet above the ground. I have no need for worldly
possessions. I know everything and need nothing. I completely understand the universe. I have reached Lucky Enlightenment.