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ITT: Episode 15 spoilers of Code Geass R2: Lelouch of the Rebellion

We get to see some more backstory on Charles. The world of C and the term "gods" will finally be explained in more detail. We start to see Charles' motives and intentions really weren't that bad. His motives are love of his dead wife, atoning for Lelouch's shitty childhood, and to make a better world for his Empire. Like Suzaku, Charles was young and idealistic and wanted to change the Empire from within.

Meanwhile Oghi has learned too much. Rolo's fate is sealed. Suzaku's plan to get information seriously blows up in his face. Spoilers indicate Schneiser will take the throne after Charles is dead. He drops the bomb, so to speak and the Union of Nations is formed in the next few episodes to stand against the Holy Britannian Empire.

Lelouch starts to get what he wanted from the beginning: The destruction and rebirth of everything. Needless to say, be careful what you wish for.