Crimson Thread, Indigo Blush (Story)

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"Listen Kafka," Nami said, her voice shaking, "I... I like you. As a friend I mean. But this..."

She was silenced by a deep kiss from the other girl. Kafka's warm, insistent mouth worked Nami's resistance relentlessly even as she cupped the girl's breasts through her uniform top.

"W.. wait!" Nami cried, pushing the aggressive girl back. "I thought you wanted to talk to me about something."

"Oh I did," Kafka said sweetly, stepping back so quickly Nami lost her seat on the edge of the desk and slid off into the floor. The shock of crashing to the floor on her butt stunned her for second so she didn't realize, until she couldn't move her hands to stand up, that something was wrong. Looking to the right she saw a pair of handcuffs, one end bolted to the side of the desk, locked firmly in place on her wrist.

Looking quickly to her left Nami saw Kafka gripping her wrist in both hands. She watched in shock as Kafka cinched the second pair of handcuffs closed around her other arm with a "ka-click", chaining her to the desk at the front of the class.

"K-k-k-kafka! What are you d-doing!"

"Hmm," she smiled at Nami, "Oh, we're just going to take care of some things. We're getting you what you need so you can stop bothering Sensei."

"What you talking about!" Nami said, yanking hard on the cuffs. They were sturdy, and the desk heavy; the cold pit in her stomach grew as she realized she wasn't going anywhere until Kafka let her go.

"You've been bothering Sensei. Being absent from school, causing problems, you're a distraction for poor Sensei."