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I've been watching post patterns quite closely, here's my little observation:

A person creates geass thread, discussion starts, thread gets saged to page 5, another geass thread is created, some FAGGOT who exists for NO other reason but to piss us right the fuck off bumps the thread on page 5 to the frontpage, causing two geass

Both these geass threads then get saged to page 5, a third is created, and the SAME FAGGOT bumps BOTH of them back to the front fucking page.

Conclusion: Combination of OVERSAGE and FAGGOTRYBUMPING allows Geass to take over /a/

Can't you guys at least search for an existing thread and NOT bump a thread once the image limit is gone? If you do this, the problem will disappear, and there will only be one easily hideable Geass thread on the frontpage at once.

What does /a/ think of my proposal?