Pokémon Adventures anime to be done by Gainax

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>July 18 - The rumors are true. The Pokémon animated series is coming to a close, if only to make room for a new one. Series director Masamitsu Hidaka had this to say:

>"We want to thank the animators, the fans, and everyone else who helped made this wonderful children's series happen." However in an interview following the press conference, Mr. Hidaka made a shocking announcement. "This is not the end of Pokémon in anime form. We have frequently gotten requests to create an anime based off the popular Pokémon Adventures manga, and after many years we have finally decided to fulfill these requests. But," Mr. Hidaka continued on, "the darker nature of the Adventures manga, combined with how relieved our former animators are, has caused us to make our decision to not produce the Pokémon Adventures anime with OLM, Inc. animation studio. Instead, we have reached a deal with the studio Gainax to have them produce the Pokémon Adventures anime." Mr. Hidaka later went on to say he would be co-directing the new anime along with Hiroyuki Imaishi, best known for being the director of the recent Gainax series Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.

>Pokémon Adventures will start airing in Japan summer 2009 according to early reports, though if Nintendo releases anime like it does games, we may not see it until 2010.

Pic related because it's just as awesome as this announcement.