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Just finished Air. I don't know; it's probably the most emotional, and also has some of the best moments of any Key anime, but it sort of fell apart towards the end. The first few character arcs were finished up rather quickly and once they ended, those characters were never heard from again, and the second half didn't make a whole lot of sense. It started out nicely though, and while watching I was beginning to believe it might be the best Key anime, perhaps the only one worth watching... only there wasn't much of a resolution. The good parts were great, but there seemed to be a lot of unresolved and very random parts. Still quite sad, however, and I guess that's all that matters when it comes to Key.

The ending is so stupid; she just fucking DIES without any of that shit getting resolved? It seems like a very cop-out ending that everything is ok just because she was able to die happy with her mom. Also, Yukito being posed as the protagonist but disappearing in the middle of the show was pretty gay, and the part about him being the crow hardly made any sense.