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Time to play a game /a/

A few months ago, there were competitions between boards in a free mecha game: WindomXP. This was awesome, but stopped when the host decided to kill the server.

It's only 50MB and even runs on a shitty P3 1,5GHz PC. It has decent graphics, addictive gameplay and the netplay when nobody lags is fucking awesome.
The pilot profiles can easily be replaced by one of your own.
Here's the download+patch

The mecha are based on Gundams/KMFs/Strikers and are thus /a/, /m/, /jp/ and /v/ related.

The Controls:
Read the convenient manual that comes with the game.

Our server:

When one person lags, we all lag, this is why good settings are important. When you start the game, you'll get an optionpromt. Set frameskip to 10. This way it's only your problem when you lag.

When in the gameroom:
Set the Delaytime high enough. Each increment is 10ms. This should match the highest ping in the game, or it will cause everyone to lag.