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The other thread was deleted so let me tell you the story:

Like I said before she was my brothers daughter. It first happened at a family get together on the holidays. She was awful fond of me always trying to get close. One day she was alone with me on my lap when I started to get a hard on she asked what it was and I unzipped and let her touch me. While was happening I started to touch, fondle and finger her. This ended quickly due to being cautious and I threatened to kill her family If she told anyone. This went on for a few month until her mom found bruises on her and I was the number one suspect. I also was caught with CP on my comuter despite trying to use a magnet on it when I seen the cops at my door. Because of my offense jail was hard as I was often raped twice a week. Within not too long I was free (I had a plea deal). As my name suggests I am a RSO for the rest of my life and my family and friends has abandoned me completely. My current friends know nothing about my past though they do question my relationship with my family I just tell them that they were very strict, religous, and abusive people they seem to belive that. They only thing that really keeps me going is anime that and girls who come in the store I work at after school. I often go to the anime store to look for girls that I can show my kunai to.