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Spoilers for the ending of Macross Frontier:
After finally remembering Ranka is his sister, Brera sacrifices himself to get her back safely to the Frontier. Ranka cries for him, and her hair grows to it's full length. Now at her maximum power, she joins Sheryl on the stage, and they sing together. The Vajira recognize Ranka as their queen, and join the Frontier in their attack against Grace's forces. However, even with both fleets combined, the Grace's superhuman analytical powers make it impossible to outmaneuver her and both fleets are severly damaged in the attack. Alto manages to pilot his Valkerie trough, but the launch mechanism on his last reaction shell jams. He tells Sheryl and Ranka he is sorry over his last transmission, and sets the reaction shell to manual detonation. From her command post on her flagship, Grace can see Alto's Valkerie coming, and tries to shoot it down. Alto manages to guide the severly damaged fighter into the bridge, and the shell detonates. The flagship is destroyed, and Alto is gone.