Haibane Renmei

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Hello /a/. I am new to this site. I heard about you from a user on Anime News Network. You seem like an intelligent bunch. What is your opinion on Haibane Renmei? I thought it was a very deep show with a lot of things that made you think. The characters were all interesting, and the way they mixed Buddhist philosophy with Christian symbolism and imagery was really thought-provoking. Particularly the way they combined eastern themes of karmic reincarnation and the Christian theme of self-sacrifice for others and atonement through that sacrifice. The selfless platonic love between Rakka and Reki was a great example for all of us in our own friendships, to learn from. I did have a couple questions after the last episode. Am I doing this right? Anyway, do you think the old wise man, I forgot his name, used to be a Haibane but had to stay because of his sin?

Also, do their wings twitch when they orgasm?