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*character off

Now, I know you aren't even going to bother listen to be, but I'm going to talk anyway.

You know what pisses me off? Anonymous who just randomly decide that roleplayers are crazy. ESSPECIALLY tripfags who descide that roleplayers are crazy. Pot calling kettle, okay?

I completely and utterly fail to see why believing you are an anime charcter is any more out there than believing you are a dragon, or believing in the christian god. Okay? None of them make that much sense.

I am Rivalz Cardemonde, also known as Lelouch's driver. I believe that there are boards out there where we can RP. We do it on 4chan because we want everyone to have fun with us. ^__________^

Please stop the rolesecution.

*character on

Are you having a sugoi time at Ashford everyone?