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Hey /a/, just your lonely anon again.

I'm 21 years old and on my last year before I graduate as an electric engineer. I live alone in an apartment after making some good out of myself through my current job and interns. But something is missing in my life and I feel no different than I did when I graduated my senior year in High School. I never met a girl in my life that made a huge or little impact to me. I didn't think I'll ever meet a girl who would stop my daily schedule in life where I wake up, shower/shit & piss, go to class, work, watch anime, play games, porn, and sleep.

But today was different, /a/non, today I met someone. It was out of the blue when I was playing Warhawk and someone was knocking on my door. I didn't think it would be anyone important and ignored it, but it went on after three knocks and I decided to check it out. When I opened the door, I didn't see anyone, but a woman just about to walk down the stairs. She stopped, turned around, and my jaw simply dropped when she gazed at me.

She was your typical asian girl who was short with black short hair, thin eyebrows, baby cheeks, B boobs, and a booty butt. It turns out she came to advertise for a grand opening to a taco restaurant just across my apartment.

As we were talking about the variety of choices besides tacos and I had the guts to ask her out to see The Dark Knight... She accepted and all of this happened yesterday. I just got back from seeing The Dark Knight and I wonder to myself if /a/non has ever experienced an encounter similar to mine: someone who saved your lonely life.