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Surprisingly, Haruhi actually lowers her head, bites on her lower lip and only opens up after
some time.
"I had the strangest dream. I dreamed that you had sneaked into my room and you didn't talk like
you would have... urr, and you did things that you wouldn't do. I found it odd... in the end, I
punched you hard and you ran off! that's an odd dream! Right? But it didn't feel quite like a
If that was a dream, then this would be a continuation of the dream. As I look at the vexed
Haruhi with locked eyebrows, Koizumi heads to my direction.
"I, as well."
He stares right at my face.
"You appeared in my room as well. The appearance might have been you, but the behaviour was
just terrifying... anyways, you did things that you wouldn't do."
I start to get frightened out of the blue. My sight moves away from that smiling face of Koizumi,
seemingly up to something, and turns instead towards Asahina-san. This is the real McCoy. One
look and there's no question about it. How could I have mistaken that person as her? Whether it'd
be the feel or in her actions, she cannot compare to the bona fide Asahina-san.
Perhaps my gaze embarrasses her. Asahina-san blushes. Did I appear before her? Just as I
assume that to be the case-
"Suzumiya-san came into my room."
Her fingers are caught together and move uneasily.
"That strange Suzumiya-san... I don't know how to describe it, was like a fake..."
Yes, definitely a fake. That is for sure, the problem for this to have happened. Why did fake
versions of ourselves appear in each other's room? Asahina-san in mine, I went to Haruhi and
Koizumi's rooms, and Haruhi in Asahina-san's room...
"Nagato." I keep pressing. "Who came into your room?"
The stoic façade of Nagato, who is in a t-shirt as is Asahina-san, lifts up and looks directly into
Having said that in a whisper, she slowly closes her eyelids.

ITT: What these doubles did...