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ecently I've noticed people throwing around the word "emo" a lot, and it has kind of bothered me. One example was applied to Kira from Gundam Seed, who cries every time he kills someone because it happens to be traumatic for him (imagine that). Even in Evangelion, one of the most popular anime, people have no sympathy for Shinji because he is "whiny" (they can't all be Gundam Wing's Heero). In anime (as opposed to American equivalents like comics), I think we find more cases of emotional extremes in male characters that your average American male does not find "manly" or comfortable to relate to (despite the fact that the characters are adolescents and will be having extreme emotions anyway). But is it really accurate to call it "emo" when a character cries because he's killing people, or whines because he's too scared to pilot a giant demonic robot of death?