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OK, /a/.

I was wondering about my favourite show once again. There is certainly no answer unless after hours and hours of considering the quality, genres, fun, etc, etc, after which you just pick one show randomly anyway.

So, let's narrow it even more.

You are to be closed for 10 years into a room with DVD/CD player, provided with food, toilet, bathing, etc. The DVD player can play any region DVD.

But you can take only ONE ORIGINAL PIECE WITH YOU. It's up to you. It can be DVD of OVA. It might be two fav eps from your fav series. It can be your favourite soundtrack! But it can be ONE PIECE ONLY!

You can't choose boxes (or, to make it more fair - you can choose a box, but if it comes with two and more CD/DVDs/simmilar things, you HAVE TO choose one and the rest is destroyed. You can keep the box and the other stuff in it (pillow cases, T-shirts, panties,...))
Also, no bootlegs. No burned stuff. Originals only (the choice of language/subs is up to you, if it's oficially TLed, though)

Remember - it's 10 long years. You'll love that disc at first, then hate it and then you will play it unless it drives you crazy. Which of your discs would you like to make you crazy?