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Strike witches. I just finished watching the third episode and I wanted to see if we could figure a few things out.

Ok so now we know why they couldn't just use conventional weapons (the witches control the bullets with a bit of magic energy) And because of the variety of neuroi you can't just use stationary ground emplacements and they have to use small arms since every aspect of the striker unit is powered by the witches own magic (magic that can be used up, takes a while to replenish and which sometimes isn't as good as mundane means (so magic isn't the quick and easy answer))

But apart from the weapons, plane, character model, panties and moe identifications that each of the girl has, they also have their own unique power.

And i want to know the powers they have now, and speculate on the powers the others have.

-Mio: Crazy long range eye
-Yoshika: Giant shield (maybe more or something later)
-Lynette: Being able to see a few seconds into the future (i think)

As for the others the only person who i have any idea about is Sanya and it's probably superior night vision. And Charlotte's latent potential is probably having huge breast.